Single Handed from beginner to advanced

I believe the start of your journey in Game Fishing should be enjoyable and fun, a pastime that will last you a lifetime therefore it is my aim is to ensure that I provide you with a professional safe service at all times. The courses can vary from one to one tuition to groups of five all tuition will be tailored to suit your needs.

Fly fishing / casting lessons for Beginners:

Initial lessons are normally 2 hours, however can be arranged for either a whole day or half day which reduces the learning curve to an acceptable level which gives you a foundation on which to can build upon. All sessions will be tailored to you the individual, my sessions normally consist of the following:

Choosing a balanced outfit

Basic set up on rod, reel and line


Overhead Casting

Roll Cast

Leader set up

When, where and what flies to use.


Fly fishing / casting lessons for intermediate to advance

Tailored courses / sessions if you wish to improve on your current casting techniques.

Spey Casting


Double and Single Haul

Snap Casts

Snake Roll

Dealing with wind

For further details please contact me to discuss your requirements.